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Experience groundbreaking wearables and robotics within the 1NEai Labs, unlock language fluency with LingoAI, and explore robotics and AI solutions at the 1NEai Tech Expo 2025!
Since its inception in 2014, 1NEai has been at the forefront of AI innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of artificial intelligence. Today, 1NEai excels in providing cutting-edge wearables, advanced robotics, and AI-driven solutions.

The 1NEai Labs

The 1NEai Labs is our innovation hub, where cutting-edge AI, technology, and robotics solutions are developed to drive future advancements

The 1NEai LingoAI

LingoAI is an AI-driven language learning platform offering personalized lessons, cultural immersion, and real-time feedback for rapid fluency.

The 1NEai Tech Expo

The 1NEai Tech Expo is our annual showcase of groundbreaking AI, technology, and robotics innovations, highlighting the future of intelligent solutions.

Technology for Today

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Based in the bustling tech hub of San Francisco, California, 1NEai has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, employing the very best talent and cutting-edge technologies to drive forward our mission.

Business Growth

Since 2014, we've driven business growth with cutting-edge wearables, robotics, and AI solutions, including our innovative language learning platform, LingoAI.

Business Sustainability

At 1NEai, we prioritize business sustainability through innovative AI-driven solutions, ensuring long-term growth and efficiency.

Business Performance

We specialize in maximizing business performance through innovative AI-driven solutions, ensuring sustainable growth and independence.

Business Organization

Our company thrives on agile organization, embodying a self-funded ethos since inception, ensuring nimble adaptability and sustained success.

Dedicated Teams

Our success stems from our dedicated teams, meticulously curated and driven by a shared passion for innovation and excellence.

24X7 support

We ensure seamless operations with round-the-clock support, empowering our clients with continuous assistance and peace of mind.

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